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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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us. gary, corey and tarhonda with you on this monday morning.. marty is here with a look at your's been see a change this week. at least one person was shot in milwaukee last
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protests over a fatal police shooting continued. protests turned violent for the second night in a row. demonstrators a black man -- 23-year-old sylville smith was shot and killed on saturday. police say he was armed and leading officers on a chase. there is body cam footage of the incident -- but it has not been released. on saturday night - protesters set a b-p gas station on fire, as well as cars and several businesses. sunday - they threw objects at police. police also reported hearing several rounds of gunfire. officers used an armored vehicle to rescue one person -- their condition
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airport is getting back on track today-- after reports of gunfire caused evacuations and lockdowns. one law enforcement official says it started when a woman getting off a plane reported hearing gunfire. two terminals were placed on lockdown. but police didn't find any signs of a shooting. one official said "cheering and clapping" from people watching the olympics may have led to the mistake. police are still looking for four people who robbed a denver dispensary sunday afternoon... jessica oh is live at "cure colorado" - where police say the four suspects pulled this off in broad daylight.
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sheriff's offce arrested a westminster man accused of stabbing a woman while the two were on a camping trip. deputies say 28- year-old travis niiles was camping with a woman just west of fort collins on saturday... the two got into an argument before he tried to stab her. both were treated at a local hospital and are expected to be ok. niiles is facing charges of second-degree assault and felony menacing. aurora police say they know who shot a person in a parking lot yesterday... but they haven't made an arrest yet. police were called to the parking lot of aurora town center just after fi afternoon. the victim is badly hurt but is expected to survive. police say the victim likely knew the person who pulled the trigger. two people are in the hospital -- they wre tearing down a shed when the roof to collapse on them. it happened in elizabeth. a man was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. his wife was seen walking around after the collapse - but was taken to the hopital in an ambulance.
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the shed. we're about halfway through rio's olympic games...and the athletes continue to break records and set new precedents. sunday -- jamaica's usain bolt won his third gold medal in the mens 100 meter. he makes it look easy. u-s-a's justin gatlin took silver. it was bolt's slowest time in his three olympic races -- but he still beat gatlin by point-zero-eight seconds. and simone biles vaulting competition sunday. the 19-year-old is the first u-s gymnast to win three "golds" in a single olympics. she is also the first u-s women to take gold on the vault. biles has two more chances for gold, this week -- with her balance beam and floor routines. and the u-s has its first weighlifting medal since the 2000 games. sarah robles took bronze yesterday.
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600 pounds -- over the course of two events. robles is the first to medal since the women's event debuted in 2000. the u-s men's team has not won a weighlifting medal since 1984. today -- keep an eye our for men's beach volleyball, men's and women's gymnastics, and allyson felix in track and field. and coming up in the next half hour -- matt and cheryl are live in rio... lochte -- as well as a look at rio's next
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the devastation in lousiana continues -- as officials call for more places to be declared "major disaster areas." the united states' medal count domination continues to grow. as of this morning... the u-s has won 69 total medals.
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and 22 bronze. china is the next closest country with 45 total medals. they have 15 gold. great britain has 38 total medals. russia has 30. and japan rounds out the top five with 27 total medals. president obama has declared a
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louisiana. four people are dead and 20- thousand people have been rescued after rains hammered the baton rouge area over the weekend. about 10-thousand people are staying in shelters. officials are warning evacuees to stay away for now. parts of louisiana could get more rain-- over the next few days. two fires in northern california -- the clayton fire and the chimney fire -- have destroyed more than 20 homes -- and forced thousands to evacuate.
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homes were burned in the clayton fire -- as well as a post office, winery and habitat for humanity office. but eyewitnesses say they could easily see more than 10 burnt homes. and the chimney fire -- burning about 180 miles northwest of los angeles -- has burnt 12 homes. both started late saturday. thankfully, no injuries have been reported. there's a new program to re- train people who lost their jobs in the coal or oil and gas industries. the training gears them towards solar panel inal instead. the colorado department of labor and employment gave a 400-thousand dollar matching grant as part of the program. they're hoping to help furloughed workers from other energy sector jobs that are in decline. the south broadway bikeway is set to open around 10 this morning. denver public works is also starting a study there today-- designed to make the road safer for bicyclists and drivers. the bikeway is denver's first two-way bikeway. a similar system is
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right now, it spans from bayaud to virginia. the federal aviation administration is making a jump - and joining the world of more advanced technology. and if you were thinking about taking the family to one of our beautiful national parks -- the deal just got a little
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started - but don't forget to go outside and explore... now -- a new program is making
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and their families get free admission to national parks and other federal lands for a full year... as long as they have a fourth grade pass. it's part of the "every kid in a park" initiative introduced by president obama. it aims to get kids outdoors, and hopefully more active. the pass starts this september -- and is valid through august 2017. to get one for your fourth grader - visit every kid in a park dot gov. the federal ready to go digital. they're switching to digital radio communication. until now -- they've used analog radios -- which are more prone to misunderstood messages. they can also be time consuming. the new system will allow controllers to send routine instructions directly to the flight deck with the push of a button. walking a mile in someone else's shoes can be difficult,
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some big hearts are trying to fill some even bigger shoes..
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many of the donations come from pro sports teams and go to people like east high basketball
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teams and go to people like east high basketball coach rudy carey. the students receiving these shoes are from senegal liza and her team are always looking for more shoes to deliver. you can find out how to donate on
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set a record. "rosie the riveter" that is..., there was a "rosie the riveter" rally in california this weekend. more than two- thousand people dressed up like the world war 2 icon -- and tried to set a record for the most people dressed as rosie in one place. it even included some real rosies...women who took jobs typically held by men during the war. the record won't be official until guiness announces it in a few months. they're annoying
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we have sprays and candles to keep them away. which makes it all the more surprising -- and pretty weird -- that there's actually a festival to honor mosquitos. that festival is in russia. and it comes complete with competitions - like who can get the most mosquito bites. but weather complicated the festival this year. not humid enough -- so the honored insects didn't even come to their own party. this was the fourth year in a row for the festival.
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the final stretch of the olympics, but momentum isn't slowing down. we're checking in with cheryl and matt for more on the olympics-- taking a special look at a colorado athlete. that's around 5:05. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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becoming less violent... days after a man is shot and killed by police. we have the latest from milwaukee. the olympics are still going strong-- world records being broken, and more gold medals for team u-s-a. we're checking in with cheryl and matt for a look at one very special athlete... from colorado.
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morning-- hillary clinton is teaming up with vice president joe biden-- while donald trump is pointing his crosshairs at someone new. we have the details. good morning. happy monday! corey, gary and tarhonda here. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- how's the forecast looking


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